Weston has many years’ experience of machining a wide range of materials from billet, forgings and castings. We continue to strive to deploy the most efficient methods, an example being the development work we have undertaken with the AMRC at Sheffield to devise cost effective strategies to machine ‘hard metal’ structural components for commercial aircraft.

We have a wide range of CNC machining types and sizes that continues to expand in-line with business opportunities. An outline of the current range is detailed below:-

  • 3 Axis CNC Mill :- 30off
  • 4 Axis CNC Mill :- 16off
  • 5 Axis CNC Mill :- 26off
  • 5 Axis Grinding :- 1off
  • CMM                   :- 22off


Weston has close business relationships with a number of specialist processing and coating suppliers. However, where justified by either service time or volume, Weston also deploys a limited range of in-house processes including:-

  • NDT
  • Chemical Processing
  • Surface Enhancement
  • Glass Bead Peening
  • Heat Treatment


One of the key Quality Improvement tools at Weston is Statistical Process Control, which is used to facilitate the management of Capable Processes. Our teams review performance against QCD targets on a shift-by-shift basis. Also, Advanced Quality Planning (using tools such as Failure Mode Effect & Criticality Analysis) ensures that we complete the link between our in-house capabilities, our suppliers and our customers.

We encourage our customers to be involved in ‘qualifying’ the manufacturing process, which is dedicated to supporting their requirements. ‘Qualifying’ means ‘stressing’ the throughput and at the same time confirming process capability.

Program Management

A key core competence is our ability to project manage major new and existing programmes, including the management of a multi-tier supply base.

In addition to in-house assemblies, we provide full kits with all the detail required, for major customer assemblies. Benefits to the customer include reduced supply management costs, genuine lineside JIT deliveries, reduced inventory costs and, hence, improved working capital.


Utilising many years of experience within our engineering team in conjunction with the latest state-of-the-art software including CATIA V5-6-24, NCL & Vericut our engineering team offer design and manufacturing process tailored to meet the customers demand.

With a virtual process designed and simulated on the latest Vericut software ensures quality, cycle times and estimated consumables are all calculated ensuring the customer’s requirements are achieved prior to cutting the component.

Our team will then take this raw process and generate various NC programs through the latest ICAM software to suit the machine / multiple machines allocated.


Detailed assembly of a range of products carried out under Airbus & Rolls Royce approved systems and processes.  Dedicated assembly jigs and fixtures enable consistent and process capable manufacturing to be undertaken at full scheduled rates across all engine and airframe platforms.Detailed drilling, fine boring, swaging, shrink fitting of bushes, riveting and jointing processes are completed to detailed work instructions by highly trained assembly staff